Group therapy

Treating obsessional disorders and social anxiety with group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy online.

Specialised CBT Therapeutic online groups are designed to bring together people who are experiencing similar difficulties. The groups are ongoing which means that participants are at different stages of their treatment and can benefit from others’ experiences, insights and achievements with their personal journey. Group treatment lasts on average 12 sessions, depending on the severity, complexity of the problem and its duration.

A new Specialised CBT Therapeutic group for Obsessional Disorders and a new Specialised CBT Therapeutic group For Social Anxiety are starting in April 2021.

These groups are popular and get filled quickly so if you think that group therapy may benefit you, or if you are unsure whether this form of therapy suits you and your needs, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we may work together and we can decide if this is the best treatment for you at the moment. If not, I will advise you on a more appropriate route to take.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together.”
African proverb

Book a no-obligation telephone consultation

Would you like a no obligation chat, to see how I can help you with group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Please send me a message via my contact page and tell me a little about what difficulties you are experiencing and I will get back to you with more information.

All group sessions will take place by video call.

There will be between 4 and 6 participants per group and the group lasts for 2 hours, giving each participant time to explore their own difficulties as well as learning from each other’s therapeutic process. I have created these specialised groups to offer you my expertise, knowledge and experience at an affordable rate.

The aim of the group sessions are:

  1. to relieve symptoms and resolve problems.
  2. To help you acquire new skills and coping strategies.
  3. To help you modify underlying cognitive assumptions and problematic behaviours, in order to prevent relapse.

The groups are designed and structured to provide a safe and supportive space where each participant can learn and develop at their own pace. CBT Therapeutic groups give participants access to specialised treatment at a reduced cost as compared to Individual Therapy.

You will receive a 50 minute individual assessment, prior to joining the group, to make sure it is the right group to work with the difficulties they are experiencing as well as planning the therapeutic process to deal with the problems and to agree on therapeutic goals. 


Watch the short video on how group therapy for OCD works and the benefits: