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Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

MBCT has been recommended as a treatment for depression in the NICE guidelines (UK Institute of Clinical Excellence). It is a powerful way of decreasing the high risk of relapse which has been observed with Depression. New published research now also demonstrates that MBCT is effective in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders.book a free telephone consultation

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy combines a form of eastern meditation with elements of Cognitive Therapy. Mindfulness means paying attention to our experiences moment to moment, without judgement. Being fully aware of what is happening, regarding bodily sensations, emotions, impulses, thoughts and mental images and developing an accepting attitude towards “what is” because it simply “is” without the interference of the mind’s effort to explain, label and rationalise things.

This process gives us opportunities and greater freedom to choose and respond as opposed to reacting automatically and going down the same old mental ruts.

“Slowing down” or “Being rather than doing”, reduces heart rate and increases brain activity. Paying attention moment to moment to whatever arises without judgements:

MBCT teaches people how to recognise the warning signs of depression, anxiety, stress or any negative brain patterns before it occurs in order to stop it at the root.

People learn to identify, accept and not respond to their negative automatic thoughts, emotions and automatic reactions.

In a nut shell, Mindfulness is “Do less, be, feel happier and achieve more”. The treatment usually consists of eight weekly sessions and requires a commitment to practice every day between sessions with the aid of CDs that I provide for you.

I offer individual Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Sessions on the telephone.